Be Careful When Making Family Loans

August 1, 2011 | ipso

It’s common for parents or grandparents to lend money to adult children. It’s also common for such family loans to make everyone unhappy — the lender, the borrower, other family members . . . even the IRS. The first clue as to whether a family loan could be trouble is the nature of the loan. […]

Why We Favor UTMA’s over 529’s

| ipso

Your options for saving for children’s college educations are numerous, and one size does not fit all. Below, we outline the major options. The right option depends on ages of your children, family income, potential for financial aid, expected cost of college, and other factors. Our analyses and experience, however, have us strongly recommending that […]

Differences Between Brokers and Financial Planners

| ipso

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain the cultural differences between financial planners and wirehouse brokers. However, at a financial services conference in San Francisco, author Michael Lewis–the celebrated author of ‘Liar’s Poker,’ ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Moneyball’–talked about his own experiences as a broker and as a writer about brokers and their world. Lewis […]

Why We Provide Insurance & Mortgages to our Clients

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Demming Financial Services Corp. is a full-service financial planning firm. As a fee-based advisory firm registered with the SEC with 3 CFPs® on staff, we embrace the fiduciary standards of conduct which most of the life insurance and mortgage industries have shunned. Insurance revenues for us constitute less than 2% of our corporate revenue and […]