Demming Financial Update

March 12, 2020

Dear Clients,


In light of recent developments surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus, we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to navigate the current environment while being mindful of near-term downside volatility. What we have long understood, markets are emotional reflections of how people feel and perceive risk, which can be manic at times. As we’re reminded from time to time (most recently was the 4th quarter of 2018), market participants can switch from assuming continued upward ascension in prices to indiscriminate selling in a few short trading days. Add in the personal fears that comes with people’s health being possibly affected by a pandemic, we are witnessing a clear period of emotional liquidations of perceived risk assets.


As stewards of both yours and our capital, we believe remaining calm and pragmatic will lead to successful financial outcomes. It is imperative at this time that we remain invested while not overreacting to the latest news cycle. We are in constant contact with our investment managers, while closely monitoring asset allocations as market volatility continues. As we try to educate clients to expect the unexpected, it is difficult and trying when staring at temporary losses of capital. A longer-term perspective on how the markets reward patience, and at times, the conviction to stick to your process leads to a successful investing experience and meeting one’s personal objectives. For additional resources, please view the attached Ben Graham  & Returns following downturns documents.


Below are the immediate action steps being taken here at Demming Financial Services Corp.:

  • Encouraging all scheduled client meetings to be conducted via phone or teleconference, particularly anyone who feels they may have compromised health conditions
  • Running business continuity tests to ensure client service would be uninterrupted in the event of an office closure as we would continue to work remotely if neccessary
  • Closely monitoring updates and protocols from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other federal authorities


We are absolutely committed to ensuring client needs are being met during this volatile time. We thank you for your confidence and will continue to keep you informed.



David W. Demming CFP®
David W. Demming Jr. CFP®
Karen Bordonaro CFP®
Patrick Justice CFP®
Kevin Coholan CFP®