Our role is to help clients make educated decisions when evaluating different paths towards achieving their objectives. Through experience, we provide perspective when making life’s important financial decisions such as:

  • Deciding to leave a chosen field for another or to relocate for another opportunity
  • How to manage and elect executive compensation structures
  • How to manage or set up a small business
  • How to structure debts and efficiently use leverage, allowing the financial system to provide you the tools to succeed and meet objectives
  • How much house one can afford
  • Are your spending and savings levels reasonable and sustainable
  • Measuring your progress on savings objectives be it for retirement, intermediate-term expenditures, planning for college expenses, down payments for homes or home improvements, etc.


Our Retainer Services typically cover at least one Annual Review in person, by phone or by Skype.

  • This includes unfettered access to our financial planners and staff throughout the year.
  • After the initial plan is provided to you, we will provide review services periodically upon your request. Such review services shall include being available to you during the year to meet with you and answer your questions. These periodic reviews may or may not result in the preparation of a written report. Typical Retainers range from $500- $1,500 per year depending on complexity and man hours required for service


Discretionary Investment Management

  • We will act as your investment advisor and provide advice on the investment of the assets and accounts that are managed directly on our chosen third-party custodians. We will periodically monitor and review the assets in accordance with your investment needs, goals, objectives and risk tolerance as described on your most recent investment policy statement or otherwise agreed upon.

You appoint us your attorney-in-fact and grant us limited power-of-attorney (coupled with an interest) with discretionary trading authority over the Assets to buy, sell and otherwise effect investment transactions related to the assets. You authorize us, without prior consultation, consent or approval to (a) implement transactions for your Assets; (b) buy, sell and trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, exchange traded funds, short-term money-market instruments and other securities and contracts, including on margin if you have signed a separate margin authorization; and (c) give instructions to the broker-dealer and the custodian of your assets.

Assets Under Management Fee

We will provide the services described in this Agreement for an annual Management Fee based upon the following fee schedule:

First $2,500,000 Assets // 0.85% Annual Fee
Next $2,500,000 Assets // 0.75% Annual Fee
Next $2,500,000 Assets // 0.50% Annual Fee
Above $7,500,000 Assets // Negotiable Annual Fee

The Management Fee is billed on a quarterly basis, in arrears, based upon the market value of the Assets on the last day of the previous quarter.