Our Firm

  • We are an independent, family-owned, financial planning firm practicing since 1979.
  • We are the antithesis of the big banks and brokerage houses affiliated with Wall Street. We represent regular people who need representation and a voice in how their financial affairs are managed. By peeling back the true underlying motivations of many of the companies out there to sell you a solution, we help individuals navigate the financial universe with confidence and more importantly, knowledge. Through experience, we cut through the noise of the financial media and provide actionable solutions with rational thought behind them. Our intent is to take the complex and communicate with simplicity.
  • As one of NEO’s largest RIA firms, we manage north of $350M directly on an independent, third-party platform. An additional $100M + is directed through our client’s employer sponsored retirement plans. This provides pricing and cost efficiencies which are passed down to every client, regardless of account size.
  • Over 60 years of CFP® practitioner investing and financial planning experience. 4 lead planner CFP®s, 1 CFP® candidate working alongside the lead planners and 6 support staff.
  • Our CFP® practitioners serve a variety of clients from business owners, corporate and sales executives, health care professionals, divorced and widowed spouses, to teachers and retirees. The majority of our clients tend to be the mass affluent ($500K -$10M net worth and up range)
  • We manage our relationships as if we are investing in businesses. A strategic, pragmatic, long-term commitment means we are not eager to bring on clients with short-term needs or ones focused on instant gratification.
  • Many of our families have been with us since our humble beginnings. Our relationships transcend multiple generations and has provided a wealth of inter-generational families who we continue to serve. With client turnover below 2% annually, we strive to build long-term relationships that last for decades.
  • We believe our authenticity, longevity and duty to our clients matches well with our founder’s words of wisdom “We do not simply manage money, we partner with clients to build and sustain their wealth.”